Dutch Open

07.07. bis 08.07.2018
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Platz Boot Steuermann Vorschoter
1 1316 NED Guido Sol Hugo de Jong
2 1332 NED Hylke Sasse Bart van den Hondel
3 775 NED Bert Wolff Sophia Wolff
4 961 NED Esther de Jong Rolf de Jong
5 288 GER Nils Kuhlmann Daniel Kossack
6 380 GER,GER,NED Michael Korsmeier Heike den Blaauwen
7 1156 NED Theo Remmerswaal Meike Brugman
8 312 GER John Abert Eileen Abert
9 1470 NED Martijn Aarts Aagje Volkers
10 1453 NED Carlo Brugman Wim Brugman
11 1419 NED Jori Vermeij Miriam de Jong
12 75 NED Kees van Rooijen Gerard Remmerswaal
13 1421 NED Sebastiaan Klaassen Liselot Volkers


Worth the journey!

The Dutch Open was announced to be in Medemblik this year and I could not resist to take the long journey from Italy to participate for a couple of reasons: Firstly, the open water of the Ijsselmeere would be the perfect opportunity for the upcoming European championship in the Baltics and, secondly, I would be back to an amazing sailing sight I knew from the beginning of Sailing. Indeed, I participated in my first strong-wind regatta in Medemblik in 2004. I was allowed to crew with Norbert during a weekend of constant 6 bft. Certainly, a race that shaped my following years in sailing FJ.

I convinced Heike to sail with me once more. So, she picked me up on Friday evening from Amsterdam airport and took me to Medemblik. Everything was still the way I remembered from 14 years ago. We built up the tent and went to sleep, hopefully awaiting the next day’s sailing. Next morning, conditions turned out to be perfect: sunny, warm and some light winds. We started perfectly being first at the first mark, but unfortunately and in the light of the very strong competitors we were not able to keep up. In the afternoon wind picked up and sailing started to become even more fun, though tough for Heike. Given the warm and sunny weather ashore, Heike didn’t deem it necessary to wear her neoprene gear. I guess next time she’ll listen more carefully to the advice to take it ;)

Next day, conditions turned out to be equally well. In the end, we managed to arrive at place six. Winner of the Dutch Open was Guido Sol with Hugo de Jong. One side story shall not be forgotten: Esther de Jong steered her first Dutch Championship and immediately placed 4th. Congratulations!

Finally, let me thank our Dutch sailing friends for organizing a wonderful sailing event and a nice dinner on Saturday night in the old harbour of Medemblik.