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01. Jul bis 02. Jul 2017 am SCL

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Gemeldete Boote: 15

Erster Start: Sa, ca. 13 Uhr

Startgeld: 35 Euro (late entries: 45 Euro)

Meldeschluss: 26. Jun 2017

Letzter Bericht:

German Open 2017


Like every year, the Pentecost weekend hosts the German Open for the Flying Junior class. This year, the club which hosted the event was the Duisburger Segel-Club E.V. (DSC) and races were held on the Sechs-Seen-Platte. On this lake, the yearly Friedel Heinen-cup is also sailed, so many teams have already experience sailing at this location. And as we all recall, it often is a lottery who will win in the end since the wind is never the same and goes into all directions except the perfect one when you lay in front.

Jori and I travelled on Saturday morning to Duisburg and were greeted very warmly by all German teams. In total 19 teams would participate. Having arrived at the club, it turned out there was not enough wind yet to sail a fair race so the races were delayed by roughly an hour. The weather forecast predicted chances of thunder in the afternoon and a changing wind from South to West. During the first race, we picked the wrong number in the lottery (we went left where we should have gone right to the island to pick up the windshift) and finished in 8th position. We were determined to improve ourselves, but sadly the thunder cloud did arrive so we had to go back to shore and wait the rest of the day for better wind conditions, which sadly did not come anymore.

On Sunday a new day, new chances and a different wind direction! The race-officer already predict in the morning that he would try to start at least three races to make sure there was a valid championship if the wind would not come back again on Monday. During this day, many teams had their ups and downs. Leading at the first mark did not mean you would still be leading at the second or at the finish. It was nice to see that many teams made the best from it and get over their frustration from the race before to grab new chances in the next. The mental game was just as hard as the physical having sailed four races this day! At the end of the day, Michael & Katharina were leading with Thorsten & Stephanie second, Jori and I third and Moritz & Robin fourth. In the evening, we all enjoyed a nice BBQ, yoga sessions with many spectators, some music and drinks. It was a wonderful sailing day.

Monday morning it looked like it would be a windless morning, however in the end the wind arrived just before the first start was scheduled. We managed to start another three races. The wind was again in the same direction as Saturday, during the first race we followed local heroes Moritz & Robin who went left, however they got a bit luckier than us and we had to fight our way back to the front of the field during this race. Having learned from our mistake the other races went a lot better. However, the lottery was unfavourable for us at the finish of race 7 where we lost two boats at the finish due to a windshift at the downwind mark which wasn’t there when we passed it. This meant we lost our podium place and had to be satisfied with the 4th place. Moritz jumped in the ranking from 4th to 1st and the others all went down one place; local knowledge certainly pays at this lake combined with a well-trained light weight crew in a light boat giving them accelerations nobody could follow. Congratulations for winning their first title in Flying Junior, and thanks to the organization and club for hosting the event. We hope many German teams will come to our Dutch Open which will be held on the Markermeer at Hoorn this year and otherwise we will see each other in Slovenia.

Hylke Sasse

NED 1419


Aktuelle Rangliste Steuermänner

Stand 26.06.2017

1(→)Moritz Langschädel131.11 (+0.00)
Rheinbraun-WanderpreisHannah KnoppGER 361120.004
German OpenRobin DrießenGER 361140.005
Dutch OpenPaul DoczyckGER 361105.003
2(↑ 3)Michael Korsmeier117.21 (+43.75)
German OpenKatharina KorsmeierGER 380132.225
Dutch OpenKatharina KorsmeierGER 380131.253
3(↓ 1)Norbert Riffeler113.83 (+0.00)
Rheinbraun-WanderpreisGudrun Korsmeier-RiffelerGER 38196.004
LipperosepokalGudrun Korsmeier-RiffelerGER 381120.004
German OpenGudrun Korsmeier-RiffelerGER 381108.895
Dutch OpenGudrun Korsmeier-RiffelerGER 38126.253
4(↓ 1)Nils Kuhlmann101.30 (+0.00)
LipperosepokalDaniel KossackGER 288101.544
German OpenLars EversmeyerGER 288101.115
5(↓ 1)Olaf Rüthing80.35 (+0.00)
LipperosepokalCorinna ConradGER 34773.854
German OpenLeonie HöerGER 34785.565
6(→)Thorsten Willemsen69.14 (+0.00)
German OpenStephanie TauchertGER 407124.445
7(→)John Abert63.41 (+8.11)
Rheinbraun-WanderpreisEileen AbertGER 31236.004
LipperosepokalEileen AbertGER 31236.924
German OpenEileen AbertGER 31270.005
Dutch OpenEileen AbertGER 31261.253
8(→)Daniel Krause51.85 (+0.00)
German OpenSimone KramerGER 38893.335
9(→)Jan-Philipp Dupal49.23 (+0.00)
LipperosepokalJustus RüthingGER 273110.774
10(→)Matthias Riffeler48.00 (+0.00)
Rheinbraun-WanderpreisJustus RüthingGER 368108.004
11(→)Leon Frisch43.21 (+0.00)
German OpenPaul DoczyckGER 37477.785
12(→)Bernd Hater41.03 (+0.00)
LipperosepokalFranz HaterGER 34192.314
13(→)Heiko Riffeler37.33 (+0.00)
Rheinbraun-WanderpreisEllen LörcksGER 36284.004
14(→)Katharina Korsmeier36.92 (+0.00)
LipperosepokalMaike StilleckeGER 38083.084
15(→)Jessika Stiefken36.59 (+0.00)
Rheinbraun-WanderpreisMalte ZugermeierGER 38524.004
German OpenMalte ZugermeierGER 38546.675
16(→)Gregor Müller30.25 (+0.00)
German OpenSabrina MüllerGER 26154.445
17(→)Manfred Bury29.59 (+0.00)
LipperosepokalEllis-Marie BuryGER 35227.694
German OpenEllis-Marie BuryGER 35231.115
18(→)Harald Kossack28.72 (+0.00)
LipperosepokalChristina DüppmannGER 27964.624
19(→)Andreas Stillecke24.62 (+0.00)
LipperosepokalKarsten ObermeierGER 37155.384
20(→)Meike Baumgart21.60 (+0.00)
German OpenCorinna SalwikGER 27938.895
21(→)Lutz Halfen21.33 (+0.00)
Rheinbraun-WanderpreisCedric HalfenGER 27748.004
22(→)Guido Gärtner20.51 (+0.00)
LipperosepokalOtto ElingGER 33746.154
23(→)Hans-Jörg Majer12.96 (+0.00)
German OpenMateo HilgertGER 37623.335
24(new)Jonas Jathe11.67 (+11.67)
Dutch OpenHeike den BlaauwenNED 67235.003
25(↓ 1)Markus Scholz8.64 (+0.00)
German OpenPhilipp ScholzGER 34415.565
26(↓ 1)Stephan Richtermeier8.42 (+0.00)
LipperosepokalNils RichtermeierGER 3779.234
German OpenChristoph KuhlmannGER 3777.785
27(↓ 1)Pascal Moritz8.21 (+0.00)
LipperosepokalChristoph KuhlmannGER 37818.464
28(↓ 1)Claudia Riffeler5.33 (+0.00)
Rheinbraun-WanderpreisTheresa LörcksGER 24612.004
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(ii) Platzänderung
(iii) Name bzw. Regattaname
(iv) Name des Mitseglers
(v) Boot
(vi) Punkte
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Aktuelle Rangliste Vorschoter

Stand 26.06.2017

1(↑ 3)Katharina Korsmeier117.21 (+43.75)
German OpenMichael KorsmeierGER 380132.225
Dutch OpenMichael KorsmeierGER 380131.253
2(↓ 1)Gudrun Korsmeier-Riffeler113.83 (+0.00)
Rheinbraun-WanderpreisNorbert RiffelerGER 38196.004
LipperosepokalNorbert RiffelerGER 381120.004
German OpenNorbert RiffelerGER 381108.895
Dutch OpenNorbert RiffelerGER 38126.253
3(↓ 1)Justus Rüthing97.23 (+0.00)
Rheinbraun-WanderpreisMatthias RiffelerGER 368108.004
LipperosepokalJan-Philipp DupalGER 273110.774
4(↑ 8)Paul Doczyck78.21 (+35.00)
German OpenLeon FrischGER 37477.785
Dutch OpenMoritz LangschädelGER 361105.003
5(↓ 2)Robin Drießen77.78 (+0.00)
German OpenMoritz LangschädelGER 361140.005
6(↓ 1)Stephanie Tauchert69.14 (+0.00)
German OpenThorsten WillemsenGER 407124.445
7(→)Eileen Abert63.41 (+8.11)
Rheinbraun-WanderpreisJohn AbertGER 31236.004
LipperosepokalJohn AbertGER 31236.924
German OpenJohn AbertGER 31270.005
Dutch OpenJohn AbertGER 31261.253
8(↓ 2)Lars Eversmeyer56.17 (+0.00)
German OpenNils KuhlmannGER 288101.115
9(↓ 1)Hannah Knopp53.33 (+0.00)
Rheinbraun-WanderpreisMoritz LangschädelGER 361120.004
10(↓ 1)Simone Kramer51.85 (+0.00)
German OpenDaniel KrauseGER 38893.335
11(↓ 1)Leonie Höer47.53 (+0.00)
German OpenOlaf RüthingGER 34785.565
12(↓ 1)Daniel Kossack45.13 (+0.00)
LipperosepokalNils KuhlmannGER 288101.544
13(→)Franz Hater41.03 (+0.00)
LipperosepokalBernd HaterGER 34192.314
14(→)Ellen Lörcks37.33 (+0.00)
Rheinbraun-WanderpreisHeiko RiffelerGER 36284.004
15(→)Maike Stillecke36.92 (+0.00)
LipperosepokalKatharina KorsmeierGER 38083.084
16(→)Malte Zugermeier36.59 (+0.00)
Rheinbraun-WanderpreisJessika StiefkenGER 38524.004
German OpenJessika StiefkenGER 38546.675
17(→)Corinna Conrad32.82 (+0.00)
LipperosepokalOlaf RüthingGER 34773.854
18(→)Sabrina Müller30.25 (+0.00)
German OpenGregor MüllerGER 26154.445
19(→)Ellis-Marie Bury29.59 (+0.00)
LipperosepokalManfred BuryGER 35227.694
German OpenManfred BuryGER 35231.115
20(→)Christina Düppmann28.72 (+0.00)
LipperosepokalHarald KossackGER 27964.624
21(→)Karsten Obermeier24.62 (+0.00)
LipperosepokalAndreas StilleckeGER 37155.384
22(→)Corinna Salwik21.60 (+0.00)
German OpenMeike BaumgartGER 27938.895
23(→)Cedric Halfen21.33 (+0.00)
Rheinbraun-WanderpreisLutz HalfenGER 27748.004
24(→)Otto Eling20.51 (+0.00)
LipperosepokalGuido GärtnerGER 33746.154
25(→)Mateo Hilgert12.96 (+0.00)
German OpenHans-Jörg MajerGER 37623.335
26(→)Christoph Kuhlmann12.53 (+0.00)
LipperosepokalPascal MoritzGER 37818.464
German OpenStephan RichtermeierGER 3777.785
27(→)Philipp Scholz8.64 (+0.00)
German OpenMarkus ScholzGER 34415.565
28(→)Theresa Lörcks5.33 (+0.00)
Rheinbraun-WanderpreisClaudia RiffelerGER 24612.004
29(→)Nils Richtermeier4.10 (+0.00)
LipperosepokalStephan RichtermeierGER 3779.234
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(i) Platz
(ii) Platzänderung
(iii) Name bzw. Regattaname
(iv) Name des Mitseglers
(v) Boot
(vi) Punkte
(vii) Multiplikator (so oft fließen die Punkte maximal in die Rangliste ein)
* Keine offizielle Ranglistenregatta

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